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ViewSonic's Portable 4K OLED Monitor Is Something I'd Actually Use

It could be the perfect work companion when you're traveling.

ViewSonic VX16-OLED Portable Monitor
ViewSonic's VX16-OLED portable 4K monitor shown off at CES 2023.

With so many screens flashing at CES 2023, it can be hard to find one that causes stops and swivels heads. Well, ViewSonic's VX16-OLED portable 4K monitor did just that with its slim profile and striking metal chassis.

Now, there are plenty of portable monitors on the market. Most tend to be IPS LCD displays that run thicker and require more juice. The VX16-OLED sips power, only requiring 6 to 7 watts. That means it can easily run off a battery bank or a laptop USB port.

All the components are housed in the stand, allowing for a thin screen profile. It's clever design that removes the weight from the screen and shifts the center of gravity to the pivot point.

ViewSonic VX16-OLED

ViewSonic's VX16-OLED portable 4K monitor being shown off at CES 2023.


It's thin enough to easily fit in a backpack. I can also see it being a solid monitor for gaming on the go. Attaching it to a PlayStation 5 or Nintendo Switch at tournaments could be a welcome alternative to lugging around a more traditional monitor. Unfortunately, its 60Hz refresh rate means it'll be better suited for fighting games or standard computer tasks. First-person shooter fans might want something with a 144Hz refresh rate. 

ViewSonic's Ray Hedrick said that making a gaming version of the VX16-OLED isn't out of the question.

Image "burn-in" is a point of concern with OLED computer screens: This is what happens when certain colored pixels die out from being overused. Considering there are many static elements on a screen when computing, OLED tend to not be the best option. Hedrick said the company feels pixel shifting should prevent burn-in and that the company's testing shows that it will hold up through a standard three-year or extended five-year warranty period.

The $400 price suggests ViewSonic is gearing this towards professionals, who demand strong color accuracy and resolution. Either way, the portable monitor space will be worth watching.