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TomTom sat-nav steers towards victory in Greatest Gadget underdog shocker

The TomTom Go Live sat-nav is whupping ass in our Greatest Gadget tournament. It's already crushed the MacBook Pro and is set to destroy the iMac too. Can anything stop this rabid underdog?

Our Greatest Gadget of the 21st Century tournament has seen its fair share of drama since it kicked off a few weeks ago. The Nokia N8 took a beating at the hands of the Pioneer Kuro TV, the Wii gave the PlayStation 3 a good shoeing, and the greatest Android phone ever created, the HTC Desire HD, was strangled in the night by the Apple iMac.

As well as some truly brutal slaughter, we've seen some plucky gadgets succeed against all the odds. The TomTom Go Live is one such piece of kit, battling its way through the ranks of rival gadgets, and making it to the quarter finals, despite being, well, a sat-nav.

The TomTom isn't the most exciting gadget in the running by any measure -- it doesn't play Angry Birds, it doesn't fire beautiful high-definition video into your face and it doesn't play music, although you can enjoy the booming tones of Brian Blessed if you choose. Nevertheless, the people have spoken, and the simplicity and usefulness of the TomTom has won the hearts and minds of voters across our fair nation.

The TomTom started its epic quest for glory in a contest against the computational might of the Alienware M11x, a staggeringly powerful gaming netbook that we were sure would perform well in the tournament. But the TomTom blasted the M11x back into orbit, taking home 77 per cent of the vote. It looks like flashing LEDs and a graphics card the size of a modest bungalow can only get you so far.

The TomTom wasn't finished wrecking brilliant laptops, though. Next it squared off against the aluminium allure of the Apple MacBook Pro, a computer so beautiful that to gaze upon its shiny visage is to know heaven itself. But Apple's glistening gadget proved to be a case of style over substance, with the reliable, understated TomTom driving home to victory with 66 per cent of the votes.

This clash apparently gave the TomTom a taste for Apple-flavoured blood. Now the sat-nav sensation is in the process of demolishing the Apple iMac, amassing 72 per cent of the vote at the time of writing. TomTom, we salute you.

The TomTom will get you where you need to go, but now it needs you to guide it safely to the top spot in our Greatest Gadget tournament. Does it have the potential to go the distance? Your votes will decide.