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The ForwardX CX-1 suitcase followed me around CES 2018

Meet the ForwardX CX-1, a self-propelled suitcase that will tag along behind you through airports and hotels, and doesn't even want a tip.

Screenshot by Jacob Dekker/CNET

You never want to lose your luggage. But what if luggage didn't lose you?

Combine self-driving tech with facial recognition and camera AI smarts, put it on a carry-on suitcase, and you have yourself the CX-1. Made by Chinese company ForwardX, the hands-free autonomous carry-on luggage followed me around like a puppy during a demo at the CES 2018 show floor. 

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The camera on the front was set to follow me, tracking my movements and rolling along at a max speed of 7 mph. But if I suddenly jolted out of view of the camera, a smart wristband would be used to help it find me again.

Jacob Dekker/CNET

This being a prototype, there were a few hiccups during my demo. When the wristband needed to be cracked open to replace a battery, the ForwardX team couldn't put it back together that moment for me to wear it. Nevertheless, the wristband did work during an earlier demo with my colleague. 

And if someone tries to steal your bag behind your back, the wristband should also be able to alert the owner of theft. 

The company plans to launch the luggage sometime later this year, but isn't ready to disclose how much it could cost. 

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