Sony's smart watch will have NFC, source says

A source has full details on what to expect from Sony's smart watch next week, with a bigger screen and NFC on the cards.

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Joe Svetlik
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Sony has a smart watch in the wings, it rather unsubtly hinted just a couple of days ago. And now a source has spilled the beans on what we can expect.

The new model will feature a bigger screen than Sony's current SmartWatch, and be "minimally" water-resistant, the source told CNET. It'll run Android, just like the current model, though there's no word on which version.

Sony fans will be familiar with the layout, as it'll feature three icons below the screen, just like the company's current Xperia smart phones. It'll also have NFC, for one-touch pairing with your mobile, and will maintain the connection using Bluetooth.

The source is staying anonymous, but according to our American cousins, he or she has provided accurate information on unannounced Sony products in the past. And I'd say this all sounds on the money.

Sony punted out a couple of teasers on Twitter, hinting we'll see a new smart watch at Mobile Asia Expo 2013, which takes place in Shanghai from 26-28 June. The company unveiled the first 'smart' watch back in 2007, which featured a tiny LED display so you could read your texts and control music on your phone. The idea was you didn't have to take out your mobile and risk looking rude. Though I can't see staring at your watch being much more polite.

It wasn't a huge success. But since Apple hinted it's working on a wrist-based device, interest in smart watches has gone through the roof, with every tech company and his dog announcing they've got one coming. This is no doubt buoyed by the success of the Nike FuelBand, and the likes of the Pebble watch, too.

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