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iWatch curved screen, controls and more rumours in video

Is Apple's rumoured wristwatch real? What would it be like? We investigate in this roundup video.

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This year, the thoughts of tech fans everywhere have been hounded by a persistent whisper -- a half-heard rumour that rattles on the wind through the blackest of nights, and echoes: "is Apple making a wristwatch?"

To put your fevered mind at ease, we've rounded up every rumour concerning the so-called iWatch -- sorting them into the video above for your convenience. If Apple really is making a wrist ornament, what would it look like? What would it do? How would it work? Click play to hear our thoughts on the matter.

You'll hear why people think the iWatch could be built out of curved glass, and whether that's even possible. You'll get a peek at Samsung's bendy screens, and an Apple patent for a wearable accessory that pairs with a smart phone.

Would an Apple watch run iOS like an iPhone or iPad? Or a modified version akin to the software on the 6th-generation iPod nano? Could another patent that discusses controlling a touchscreen without a display have anything to do with it?

Come to think of it, how would Apple provide enough power to keep a smart watch active longer than a day? Might Tim Cook and pals look to E Ink, or even solar power?

One thing's for sure -- if Apple makes a watch, you can bet it won't be the only company looking to strap something expensive to your wrist. Google and LG are both said to be beavering away on watch gadgets, while Samsung has said it 'definitely' has one in the works.

Would you buy an iWatch? Or is the very concept of a wrist-based Apple gadget so ridiculous that it makes your brain hurt? Let me know in the comments, or on our Facebook wall.