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Snap is reportedly in talks to buy maker of selfie drone

The company behind the popular messaging app is looking at Zero Zero Robotics, maker of the selfie-centric Hover Camera, The Information reports.

Is Snap interested in snapping up the maker of the Hover Camera?
Joshua Goldman/CNET

Snap may finally land a drone of its own.

The company behind the ephemeral-messaging app is in acquisition talks with drone maker Zero Zero Robotics, The Information reported Tuesday.

Zero Zero Robotics is best known for creating the selfie-centric Hover Camera Passport, a $500 compact, foldable flying camera that sports facial recognition and gesture control features. The company inked a deal with Apple in April to have the Passport available exclusively on and in Apple stores.

A purchase price wasn't discussed, but the Beijing-based company said in 2016 it had raised $25 million in funding from investors such as IDG, GSR Ventures, ZhenFund and ZUIG, among others.

Formerly known as Snapchat, the company turned heads last year when it rebranded itself as Snap and released candy-colored camera glasses. Earlier this year, it was reported the company was working on creating its own drone, which could be used to funnel overhead Snaps in to a Snapchat user's feed.

Snap declined to comment on the report, while Zero Zero Robotics didn't immediately respond to a request for comment.

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