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Slack rolls out dark mode for desktop

Hello dark mode, my old friend.

Slack is getting dark mode on desktop.
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Slack is joining the dark mode craze. The chat platform on Thursday launched the feature for desktop, allowing users to turn their screens black to make messages and content easier on the eyes.

Dark mode is rolling out across all desktop apps, Mac, Windows and Linux. The feature is already available on mobile.

"Dark mode is an important feature for lots of people," George Zamfir, Slack accessibility product manager, said in a statement. "It's helpful for working at night or in low light, and we know many need it for accessibility reasons like visual impairments, migraines or other visual disorders."

The transition from light to dark.


To set up dark mode, click on your name on the left sidebar. Then go to preferences and click on themes. You'll be shown a preview of how things will look with the changes.

The company plans to roll out a feature soon that lets you connect your phone settings to those on your computer by clicking "sync with OS settings," but a launch date for that hasn't been announced yet.

Companies like Apple and Google have also recently rolled out dark mode for their products and services.

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