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Razer adds a quieter keyboard, a mini mouse, super-size mouse mat to its Pro productivity accessories

The new Pro Type Ultra mechanical keyboard, Pro Click Mini and Pro Glide XXL will make your work experience better -- at home or in the office.

Joshua Goldman Managing Editor / Advice
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Joshua Goldman
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Last year, Razer used its deep knowledge of mechanical keyboards and gaming mice to perk up your work experience with its first accessories made for productivity. That line is now getting three new additions: the Razer Pro Type Ultra keyboard, Pro Click Mini mouse and Pro Glide XXL mouse mat. 

For the $160 Pro Type Ultra keyboard (which converts to about £120, AU$215 Razer stuck with a full-size layout but used quiet Razer Yellow linear mechanical switches (the regular Pro Type has Orange tactile switches) and added sound-dampening foam inside to help absorb some of the clack while you're typing. 

The keyboard is wireless and can connect to up to three Bluetooth devices and an additional device via its 2.4GHz USB-A receiver. It's a new unifying receiver, too, which means you can use one adapter to wirelessly connect the keyboard and new Pro Click Mini mouse to your computer. 

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The Pro Type Ultra also has significantly longer battery life than the regular Pro Type at up to 214 hours, although that's with the backlight off; it only gets about 13 hours with it on at full brightness. The keyboard is fully programmable with Razer's Synapse desktop app (the same one used for its gaming peripherals) and the package includes a cushy palm rest. 


The Pro Click Mini is a productivity version of Razer's Orochi V2 gaming mouse. 


While the overall keyboard package sounds good, with more people hoteling and hot desking for work now it seems like a mistake to go with a full-size keyboard. That's a lot of extra size, weight and keys many people simply don't need, and a smaller, tenkeyless or 75% keyboard design would make more sense right now for people who need or want to commute with their own keyboard. Plus, it would've been a perfect partner to Razer's new mouse. 

The $80 Pro Click Mini is a productivity version of Razer's Orochi V2, which is a great little gaming mouse. Razer changed the shape a bit and added a rocker switch to the rear of the scroll wheel letting you quickly change from a tactile mode for line-by-line scrolling to a free-spin mode to zip through web pages or long documents. It's a feature I love using on Logitech's MX mice although those do it on the fly. 

Like the keyboard, the Pro Click Mini can connect over Bluetooth or the included 2.4GHz unifying dongle. Also, in the spirit of keeping things quiet for the office, Razer used silent switches that it also says are more durable than the clicky ones used in its full-size Pro Click mouse. The mouse isn't rechargeable but is powered by either one or two AA batteries. As with the Orochi V2, this means you can go for longer battery life or a lighter weight to suit your needs. 

Rounding out the new options is the $30 Pro Glide XXL mouse mat. It measures 37 by 16 inches (940 by 410 millimeters) giving you a surface large enough for mousing and your keyboard. The pad is covered with a textured microweave cloth on top of 3 millimeters of high-density antislip rubber foam.

Both the mouse and pad are available now on Razer's site. The Pro Type Ultra keyboard is expected sometime before the year is out.