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This Polaroid-like camera prints out GIFs instantly

We all know about Polaroid cameras that instantly produce photos, but an intrepid inventor decided he wanted to do the same thing for GIFs.

We heard you like GIFs, so this is a GIF of an InstaGIF camera producing GIFs.

Screenshot by Jason Parker/CNET

What if there was an instant camera for GIFs? That's what developer Abhishek Singh wondered and set out to discover for himself. The result is a Polaroid-like instant camera that captures a few moments and ejects a cartridge containing a moving image. 

He calls the camera "InstaGif NextStep," and says he was inspired by the Polaroid OneStep. And if you want to make one yourself, Singh posted instructions Wednesday to the DIY subreddit. Just a word of warning: it's not easy.

I built a camera that snaps and instantly prints a GIF you can hold in your hand from DIY

Singh is a self-proclaimed inventor, designer and coder. We recently wrote about another one of his creations: a Super Mario augmented reality game you could play using Microsoft Hololens.

"What I love about these kinds of projects is that they involve a bunch of different skill sets and disciplines - hardware, software, 3D modeling, 3D printing, circuit design, mechanical/electrical engineering, design, fabrication etc. that need to be integrated for it to work seamlessly," he wrote in an Imgur post detailing all of the steps it takes to build an InstaGIF camera. "Ironically this is also what I hate about these kinds of projects."

For a complete look at the camera, here's a video of the InstaGif NextStep in action:

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