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Play like an elite gamer with the Glorious Model D mouse

Glorious PC Gaming Race's latest lightweight honeycomb gaming mouse has a fresh ergonomic design and customizable feet.

Glorious PC Gaming Race

Gaming accessory manufacturer Glorious PC Gaming Race promises premium performance at an affordable price with its Glorious Model D mouse. With its lightweight ergonomic shape, wireless feel and customizable feet, the gaming mouse is designed with comfort, speed and control in mind, the company said in its announcement.

Like previous Glorious mice, the Model D uses a honeycomb shell to keep its frame both sturdy and lightweight, weighing between 68 and 69 grams. This promise to cut weight also translates to the Model D's thinner, more flexible cord, which the company says will make the mouse feel like it's wireless. 

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Glorious PC Gaming Race

The Model D also lets you customize your gaming experience some with the option to switch out the mouse's preinstalled feet for a set of larger feet for maximum glide. 

The Glorious Model D comes in four colors: matte black, matte white, glossy black and glossy white. The matte models cost a little less than their glossy siblings. The matte models are priced at $50 (about £40 or AU$70), while the glossy models are $60. Both are available on the Glorious PC Gaming Race site