CES 2019: Nvidia CEO calls AMD's Radeon 7 'underwhelming,' 'lousy'

Begun, the graphics card wars have.

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Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang


The graphics card wars are heating up, with Nvidia taking a shot at rival AMD during CES 2019. 

After AMD announced Radeon 7, its new 7-nanometer GPU designed to push PC gaming performance to the "bleeding edge," Nvidia's CEO decided to bite back.

For context: the Radeon 7 is AMD's big play, it's the first GPU based on the 7nm process, and that's kind of a big deal. 

But at a Nvidia breakfast at CES 2019, CEO Jensen Huang didn't seem too impressed.

"The performance is lousy," he said. "And it's nothing new. No ray tracing. No artificial intelligence. 

"If we turn on DLSS, we'll crush it. If we turn on ray tracing, we'll crush it. And it's not even available. The 2080 is all over the world already.

"It was kind of a weird launch. Maybe they thought of it this morning."

He also referred to it as "underwhelming."

For her part, AMD CEO Lisa Su said she was confident.

"When people see all the specs and nitty-gritty details," she said, "you'll find we're very competitive.

"It's a high-end card for those operating on the bleeding edge."

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