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New iMac comes with magnetic power plug that doubles as Ethernet cable

The new M1 iMac's power cable is similar to the MagSafe cables on the MacBook.

iMac Power Adapter
The new iMac power plug isn't just for power.
Apple/Screenshot by Oscar Gonzalez/CNET

Apple showed off its refreshed iMac lineup during its spring event Tuesday.  Along with a thinner form, 24-inch display and a rainbow of colors, the new device has also changed the way it handles power. 

The new M1 iMac's power cable is magnetic, similar to the MagSafe cables on the MacBook. Another change is that the power brick will have an Ethernet plug-in, which means the plug can handle both internet and power at the same time, rather than needing a separate adapter for it. 

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The power adapter wasn't the only big change to the iMac. Apple's refreshed computers will come with the company's new M1 chip -- the same processor used for its latest MacBooks and Mac Minis -- for better performance and lower energy usage. There's also an improved speaker system, Touch ID on wireless keyboards and a 1,080p webcam. Apple's Spring Loaded event also revealed a new, more powerful iPad Pro and a new purple color for iPhones

Apple's new lineup of iMacs starts at $1,299 (£1,249, AU$1,899) with four colors to pick from. A step up to $1,499 (£1,449, AU$2,199) gets you a choice of seven colors, along with more features. Preorders start April 30.