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Logitech Chorus Upgrades Quest 2 VR Audio for $100

The head strap add-on is an alternative to using your own headphones.

Meta Quest 2 with Logitech Chorus headphone strap attached
The Logitech Chorus adds flip-up headphones to the Quest 2.

There's not much you can do to make a VR headset's video better short of buying a new headset, but a better pair of headphones could make a big difference for audio. The two-year-old Quest 2 has serviceable built-in audio via small speakers in its headband, but the new Logitech Chorus adds over-ear headphone upgrades for an extra $100, available Aug. 30. But this might be too pricey an upgrade for a headset that's already $101 more expensive as of last month.

The over-ear headphones are part of an entirely new headband that powers via the USB-C port, and has its own passthrough USB-C for charging. The headband also looks to be more comfortable, similar to the Elite battery strap made by Meta, minus the extra battery. The integrated audio has a look similar to what PC VR headsets like HTC Vive and Valve Index have used. A clever feature also mutes audio when the over-ear floating-type headphones are flipped up.

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You could also just plug your own headphones into the Quest 2 using the headphone jack. The Chorus could be a better option for anyone who's wanted a comfier pro-style headband and better over-ear audio, too. Meta's not expected to have a true Quest 3 headset out this year, but a more expensive Pro headset codenamed Cambria could be arriving soon, possibly with audiovisual upgrades. In the meantime, the Chorus might be a way to upgrade the Quest 2 you already have.