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Lenovo ThinkVision X1 adds a motor to its webcam

The new business monitor it showed at CES 2018 raises and lowers the camera at the touch of a button.

The ThinkVision X1 has a stealth webcam.

HP's one-touch popup webcams are so last year; Lenovo now lets you raise and lower the camera on the new ThinkVision X1 27-inch monitor with the touch of a button.

That said, it moves kind of slowly and doesn't feel particularly worth it once you get past the first couple of "gee whiz!" moments. Plus, I'll channel my mother here and say that it just seems like something else to break.

It supports connecting via USB-C/Thunderbolt, as well. Otherwise, it's a pretty typical monitor: 4K resolution, 99 percent sRGB color gamut coverage and has a rated maximum brightness of 350 nits and has a four-port USB hub built in.

It's slated to ship this month for $800, which seems expensive despite its slim profile. (That converts directly to about £590 and AU$1,020.)

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