Lady Gaga unveils Polaroid Polarez GL20 point-and-shoot shades

Fame monster and meat-draped disco dolly Lady Gaga has served up a healthy lashing of barmy in Las Vegas with her Polaroid Grey Label range.

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Richard Trenholm
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Fame monster and meat-draped disco dolly Lady Gaga has served up a healthy lashing of barmy over at CES 2011 in Las Vegas. Gaga unveiled her Polaroid Grey Label range of cameras, comprising the GL30 instant camera, Polaprinter GL10 mini-printer, and utterly barking Polarez GL20 point-and-shoot sunglasses.

Our US colleague Sarah Tew captured these papa, paparazzi snaps of Gaga, veiled in black, hidden behind enormous shades and looking more like a mafia widow than a camera company's creative director.

Gaga's love of sunglasses shows in the Polarez GL20 Camera Glasses. The cyberpunk shades have a camera built-in to capture snaps, which can then be displayed on the front of the glasses on OLED screens. Bonkers.

The GL30 Instant Digital Camera, pictured above, is a 21st century take on the classic Polaroid instant camera. It snaps photos and prints them using the Zink -- zero ink -- technology Polaroid has had kicking around for a few years.

Zink bakes crystals embedded into special paper to give you a 3x4-inch print, dry to the touch in about a minute. The wedge-shaped 12-megapixel snapper features a screen that flips up to reveal the controls. It'll be available in the US some time this year.

The Polaprinter GL10 Instant Mobile Printer also uses Zink technology to print out 3x4-inch prints of your photos, and can print up to 40 snaps on one charge. It's due in May. The GL30 and GL10 Zink devices pair up with phones and tablets so you can print snaps on the go.

When she's not inventing kerrazy cameras with Polaroid, Lady Gaga also lends her name to Monster Heartbeats headphones, also endorsed by Tron-tastic house droids Daft Punk and Lego-headed ankle-biter Justin Bieber.

Sony has also unveiled some crazy glasses at CES. For more goggle-related goofing off, check out our guide to looking at the back of your own head.