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Lady Gaga tops Spotify's tracks of 2010

Spotify has revealed its most popular singles and albums of 2010. Join us as we run through what is presumably hip with the kids in the UK right now. Are they tubular tunes?

We're huge fans of Spotify here at CNET UK towers -- you can't argue with free streaming music all day long. We have our personal favourite tracks of course, including a playlist consisting entirely of songs that have been made into pun-based headlines right here on Crave. But what's the rest of the nation rocking out to?

Spotify tells us via its blog what the top 100 tracks and albums of 2010 have been around the world. We recommend you head over there and check out the full list, but we'll run through the UK top ten right here because we are nice guys.

Inimitable meat wearer Lady Gaga took the top spot with Telephone, with the simply named Bob, backed up by Hayley Williams of Paramore fame, in second place with Airplanes.

Third is Lady Gaga a-gaga-gain with the fabulous Bad Romance, which had many of us jigging away like crazy people at last night's Christmas party.

Fourth place goes to Mumford & Sons The Cave, with Rihanna's Rude Boy in fifth. Like Lady Gaga, the family Mumford had a good year -- Little Lion Man is in sixth place.

Florence + The Machine's You've Got The Love comes in at number seven.

Jason Derulo's cool-sounding Ridin' Solo is at number eight, and Usher and are in at nine with OMG. To which the only sane reply can be, WTF?

Finishing up the top ten is Replay by lyaz.

What do you think, dudes? Are any of these tracks nestling in some playlists of yours? Or do you find this list a baffling string of nonsensical syllables? Let us know in the comments or on our Facebook wall.