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iPad Pro's $150 discount at Target is an insanely good deal

Get a hefty $150 off Apple's best tablet for a limited time. The Apple Watch and iPad Mini 2 are also discounted.

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If you've had your eye on the 9.7-inch iPad Pro tablet but couldn't justify the $600 price tag, now's the time to take the plunge.

Effective today, Target is discounting the tablet by $150 at all storage capacities. That translates to:

  • 32GB iPad Pro for $450 (25 percent off its $600 MSRP)
  • 128GB iPad Pro for $550 (21.5 percent off $700)
  • 256GB iPad Pro for $650 (18.8 percent off $800)

If those sound like great deals, that's because they are. It means you can snag the entry-level Pro for just $50 more than the iPad Air 2 and the smaller iPad Mini 4. (Unlike those models, the 2016 Pro is faster, has a better screen and is compatible with the Apple Pencil stylus -- among other improvements.)

There are only two real caveats here: The discount is only available in-store, not online. And you should be mentally prepared for the fact that the 9.7-inch Pro is likely to be replaced by a presumed newer, better model sometime in 2017 -- possibly as soon as next month, which is the product's one-year anniversary. (Don't say we didn't warn you.)

Target is also offering the Apple Watch Series 1 and iPad Mini 2 at decent discounts, too. And those appear to be available online as well:

According to the company's newspaper circular, the advertised prices are in effect until Saturday, February 11.

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