Insta360 Pro 2 adds 8K 3D video and HDR capabilities

Meant for professionals, this new 360 camera costs a whopping $5,000.

Aloysius Low Senior Editor
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Aloysius Low
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The Insta360 Pro 2 seems happy to meet you. 


If you want to shoot super-high quality virtual-reality video or images, Insta360's new Pro 2 could be just the thing.

Loaded with six cameras that can take 8K 360-degree 3D videos and 12K photos, the Insta360 Pro 2 is meant for professional videographers and has a $5,000 price tag to boot. It also shoots high dynamic range videos, which alongside 8K 3D video, were not available on the first Insta360 Pro.

Shooting 8K 360 video means you'll need a lot of storage space, so the Pro 2 includes six microSD card slots and one SD card slot. Editing videos shot using Adobe Premiere Pro is also designed to be easier, as the Pro 2 saves a low-res proxy video for quicker editing. When the video is ready for exporting, Insta360's software will then stitch the actual footage based on what's been done with the proxy, saving you time from dealing with huge files sizes.

Other cool features include FlowState, a feature released earlier this year on the Insta360 One  that gave it super-smooth stabilization. The Pro 2 will also a support long-distance control system called Farsight so you don't end up in your shots, as well as a built-in GPS module for geo-tagging.

Those who want to share their lives in Ultra HD definition can do so. The Pro 2 supports live streaming in 4K, in both 3D and mono formats, while at the same time saving it as 8K footage.

It's loaded with a removable 5,100mAh battery, which lasts for 50 minutes of recording. You can also plug the camera into a power source for longer shoots.

The Insta360 Pro 2 is available for pre-order on the Insta360 store, with a release set for some time in September. It will come bundled with the Farsight transmitter. 

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