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HP said to ready Android laptop, following Chromebook push

HP appears to have its sights set on an Android laptop. To date, the company has focused on laptops with the Chrome OS.

HP Slatebook 14 HP via Notebook Italia

So, which Google operating system will that be on your laptop? Chrome or Android?

That appears to be the question Hewlett-Packard is posing, as it readies an Android laptop, according to Notebook Italia.

The "Slatebook 14" design looks similar to HP's Chromebook 14 but Notebook Italia has it pegged as running Android -- not the Chrome OS.

"We're working on new stuff all the time. You'll have to wait and see," an HP spokesman told CNET.

The Slatebook 14 bears no resemblance to HP's first crack at an Android laptop: the Android-based Slatebook x2 laptop-tablet hybrid released last summer, which CNET gave 3 stars.

A pure Android laptop may come as a surprise as HP has been loading clamshells with Google's Chrome OS, not Android. In the past six months, HP has released the Chromebook 14 and Chromebook 11.

The display specifications appear to top the Chromebook 14. Notebook Italia says it will be available with a 1,920x1,080 resolution screen, a big step up from the Chromebook's 1,366x768.

Other purported specs include an Nvidia quad-core Tegra processor.

Needless to say, this raises the question, if you can get a laptop with Android on it and all the benefits that go along with Android -- like lots of apps -- is the Chromebook necessary?

For comparison, HP's Chromebook 14 Hewlett-Packard