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How to set a darker dark mode on MacOS

When dark mode isn't dark enough.


Apple has been holding out on us. With MacOS Mojave, Apple finally introduced a system-wide dark mode to Macs that  turns the background black and text white in Apple's apps. But there's a darker version of dark mode if you know where to look (and don't mind sacrificing a little color).

Darker dark mode

To enable dark mode, go to System Preferences > General and click Dark at the top for Appearance.

To turn dark mode a shade darker, select the Graphite radio dial for Accent color.

Matt Elliott/CNET

With Graphite selected, the background of apps turns from a charcoal gray to an inkier black.

One side effect of this darker dark mode? The red, yellow and green buttons in the top left of your apps get grayed out.

(Via OSXDaily)