Get a Raspberry Pi 2 and free router for $41.73

Tinkerers and DIY lovers, this micro-PC is for you. Plus: more free music from Google Play!

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Rick Broida
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Raspberry Pi
Hey, is that a whole freakin' computer in the palm of your hand? It is if you're holding the latest Raspberry Pi , a microcomputer that's powerful enough to run Windows 10.

Sound interesting? So is this: For a limited time, Newegg has the Raspberry Pi 2 Model B for $41.73 shipped, a price that includes a free On Networks N150 wireless router.

As you can tell from the photos, this is little more than a circuit board, albeit one equipped with an impressive four USB ports, an Ethernet port, a full-size HDMI port (hello, TV!) and a microSD slot, which is used to load whatever operating system you intend to run.

And what the heck would you do with such a computer? For starters, check out CNET's "25 fun things to do with a Raspberry Pi," along with the most ambitious Raspberry Pi projects.

Indeed, this is a tool for tinkerers, for folks who spend their spare time perusing Instructables -- or creating DIY projects of their own.

I can't say I'm part of that crowd, though I certainly love the idea of a taking a tiny, bare-bones PC and turning it into something cool. Just take note that you can't simply plug in a monitor and boot the system; you'll need an OS that's loaded onto a microSD card. Thankfully, you can find plenty of how-to guides for conquering that crucial first step.

Also, although the Pi 2 Model B was expected to sell for $35, it actually runs closer to $45 most places. Obviously Newegg's deal doesn't save you much, but it does come with a router valued at $15.

And, anyway, my goal today was to see if my cheeps are interested in stuff like this. It can't be mobile chargers and Bluetooth speakers every day, you know <grin>.

Bonus deal: Like jazz? I'm not talking the fluffy, bathtub-friendly Kenny G variety, but real old-school swing from the masters. For a limited time, Google Play is offering three complete MP3 albums absolutely free: Jazz Pioneers, The Very Best of Billie Holiday and The Very Best of Miles Davis. Thanks to reader Cheapskateman for sharing the links -- and having a super-awesome username.

Bonus deal No. 2: If you tend to buy a lot of stuff from iTunes -- movies, music, Clash of Clans gems and whatnot -- and have some extra cash to spare, PayPal Digital Gifts (via eBay) is offering a $100 iTunes gift card for $80. It's delivered electronically, so you should be able to use it almost immediately. They also have a $50 card for $40, but it's currently out of stock.