Digital Storm Spark is a powerful gaming PC the size of a shoebox

Unveiled at CES 2018, the Micro STX liquid-cooled desktop promises power and expandability in a 12-inch tall box.

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Joshua Goldman

Digital Storm's pint-sized Spark gaming PC. 

Josh Miller/CNET

Digital Storm's Project Spark is a full gaming desktop you actually have room for -- on your desk.

Measuring 6 inches deep by 4 inches wide by 12 inches tall, it's the boutique PC builder's smallest desktop to date made for enthusiasts. Configurations are based on Intel's Z370 chipset with an Nvidia GTX 1080 GPU and an Intel Core-i7 8700K processor, all kept cool with a custom hardline liquid-cooling system.

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Digital Storm says that, despite being a quarter of the size of a typical gaming tower, the new Micro STX platform allows everything -- processor, graphics, memory and storage -- to be fully upgradable. Plus, there's room for expansion with three M.2 storage slots, a discrete MXM slot for graphics and an SATA 6Gbps port.

Digital Storm expects Project Spark to be available in the second quarter of 2018 with a starting price of $1,299 (which roughly converts to AU$1,650 or £960), fitted with an Nvidia GTX 1060 graphics card. 

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