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CNET UK Editors' Choice winners October 2009

Join us, friends, for another edition of CNET UK's monthly awards show -- and October saw a particularly juicy crop of tech treats

Join us, friends, for another edition of CNET UK's monthly awards show. October saw two inseparably superb cameras, an underdog contender in the smart phone ring, a deliciously brilliant plasma TV and the Holy Grail of portable computing: the perfect netbook.

CNET UK Editors' Choice winners October 2009

Panasonic Lumix DMC-GF1 and Canon PowerShot G11
October was a cracking month for camera reviews, stumping us with one of the toughest Editors' Choice decisions we've ever had to make. It took a punch-up in the newsroom, a crack team of highly paid arbitrators and personal intervention from the Pope to decide between the Panasonic Lumix DMC-GF1 and Canon PowerShot G11.

Both cameras approach a similar role from opposite directions: the GF1 is the smallest of Panasonic's lens-swapping Micro Four Thirds range, while the G11 is the largest of Canon's PowerShots. Meeting halfway between dSLRs and compacts, they're either casual cameras for serious photographers or serious cameras for casual photographers. Both consistently give excellent pictures. So we opted to name both the Panasonic GF1 and Canon G11 as Editors' Choice winners. After all, what's so funny 'bout peace, love and understanding?

Palm Pre
It took ages for the Palm Pre to make it over the pond, but it was worth the wait. Although the Pre's App Catalogue still doesn't live up to the iPhone's App Store bounty, the Pre offers just as much touchscreen innovation. Palm has taken a fresh look at touchscreens to create WebOS and the result is a finger-friendly user interface that's well thought-out and fun to use. The sharp, responsive screen and comfortable round case makes the Pre a pleasure to get your hands on, and the Qwerty keyboard is small but perfectly formed.

Panasonic Viera G15
We've always had a seriously soft spot for plasma, and even though Pioneer has left the market, there's still plenty of top-notch TVs out there using the technology. Panasonic is leading the charge, and its G15 screens are simply superb. At a smidge over £1,000, this 46-inch TV ticks all our boxes. Its amazing black levels make us drool, and its 1080p picture quality is at the top of its game. Not only a bargain, but also one of the best TVs we've tested.

Samsung X120
With so much choice, choosing a netbook can be a daunting process. Samsung, however, has done us all a favour by releasing a netbook that screams, "Pick me!" We love the X120 for many reasons, including its excellent build quality, great looks and its comfortable, well-laid out keyboard. We also loved its epic battery life. It lasted a whopping 7 hours in our most punishing battery test and will last as 10.5 hours away from the mains if youre sensible about which apps you run. If you need a low-cost netbook that can last the full working day, you need look no further.