Samsung X120 review: Samsung X120

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The Good Slim, light and very portable; great screen; comfortable keyboard.

The Bad Battery life is on the short side.

The Bottom Line The Samsung X120 has a well-judged specification and bears a tempting price tag. Its battery life is the only real disappointment, but even that's not too bad

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8.3 Overall

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The ultra-portable laptops with ultra-low-voltage processors that we've seen so far have all been thin and light, but none could really be described as 'affordable'. That's not the case with the Samsung X120. At around £500, it's the cheapest ULV ultra-portable we've seen so far.

Low-key looks
Although the term 'ultra-portable' covers a range of laptop sizes, the 11.6-inch X120 hits the sweet spot -- it's small enough to be extremely portable but big enough to use comfortably. It's not that much larger than a 10.1-inch netbook and, at exactly 25mm thick, certainly no fatter. It's not even any heavier than most 10.1-inch netbooks, weighing just 1.4kg.

Just about every edge of the X120 is curved, but Samsung has displayed some welcome restraint in terms of design. The metallic grey lid has a small silver Samsung logo (sticky labels are used, rather than moulded plastic) and the bottom half of the case has a thin silver trim that tapers to almost nothing along the front edge. It's a low-key design and we like it.

Big keyboard
A case this wide provides ample room for a large keyboard. The X120 uses the same type of keyboard as the recently reviewed R720 desktop-replacement laptop. The wide, flat keys are almost full-size and sit flush together, but each has a raised area to create some finger room between them. The keyboard is very comfortable to use, although the condensed cursor-key cluster at the bottom right corner is rather fiddly.

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