CNET UK Editors' Choice winners March 2010

Making up for a deathly dull February, March was a fantastic month for top tech, with five products worthy of a coveted CNET UK Editors' Choice award

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Nick Hide
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Making up for a deathly dull February, March was a fantastic month for top tech. Only the very best products earn a CNET UK Editors' Choice award, and March produced a whopping five worthy winners. Will the iPad make it into April's selection? Tune in in a month's time to find out.

CNET UK Editors' Choice winners March 2010

HTC Desire
The HTC Desire is even better than its Google-branded twin, the Google Nexus One -- our January Editors' Choice. It's got the same big 94mm (3.7-inch) AMOLED screen and super-charged 1GHz processor, while improving on the Nexus One with buttons that are easier to press and a glamorous user interface made of delicious HTC Sense sauce. The Desire definitely lives up to its name, snagging the crown for the fastest, most feature-packed Android phone yet.

Alienware M11x
Alienware has changed the game with its M11x. Whereas most tiny laptops aren't capable of much more than sending emails or browsing the Web, this miniature marvel has the power to turn its hand to absolutely anything. It delivers the sort of long battery life you'd expect from a netbook, yet its gaming-capable graphics card enables it to run demanding games such as Crysis. Its dual-core processor is worth a mention, too -- delivering sufficient grunt to perform the kinds of CPU-intensive tasks usually reserved for larger devices. If you want a tiny, super-portable laptop that does it all, look no further.

Philips BDP7500
When we first laid eyes on the Philips, we weren't sure if its performance would live up to its stylish looks. Happily though, thanks to support for downloadable video codecs such as H.264, you can play a wide variety of video from the Internet. But it's not just its style and flexibility we liked -- it's also the speed the player operates at, and its excellent picture quality. It's a winner from start to finish.

HTC Legend
The HTC Desire may leave the HTC Legend standing in terms of processor speed, but the Legend's gorgeous aluminium case gives it the smart phone X-factor. With its slightly protruding chin, the Legend reminds us of the much-loved -- and previous Editors' Choice -- HTC Hero, but it's even better. Speedy, responsive, and small enough to tuck in a pocket, we think the Legend is currently the coolest phone in town.

Asus G73jh
Asus is best known for its Eee PC netbooks, but the company also does a fine trade in uber-powerful gaming laptops such as the G73jh. This bad boy is, unquestionably, the fastest gaming laptop we've encountered to date. This is down to its user-overclockable Core i7 CPU, 8GB of RAM and a top-of-the-range ATI Radeon HD 3870 graphics card. Crucially, it's also the most beautiful machine we've seen in this segment. Its chassis is devoid of the flashy accoutrements seen on most gaming laptops, but its matte-black paint finish and angular, stealth fighter-inspired design gives it an unpretentious menace most of its rivals can only dream of.

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