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CNET UK Editors' Choice winners January 2010

The first Editors' Choice awards of the new year recognise the second-biggest launch of 2010 -- the Google Nexus One thoroughly warmed our cockles

The first CNET UK Editors' Choice awards of the new year recognise the second-biggest launch of 2010. While we haven't had our chillblained British hands on the iPad, we have thoroughly tested the Google Nexus One -- and it thoroughly warmed our cockles. Also in January, we found ourselves impressed by a netbook for once, and were bowled over by a gorgeous LED TV.

CNET UK Editors' Choice winners January 2010

Google Nexus One
The Google Nexus One is the best Android-powered phone yet, thanks to its big 94mm (3.7-inch) AMOLED screen and super-charged 1GHz processor. Whether you're running one of the many free apps from the Android Market or just playing with the animated wallpapers, the power under the hood means this phone usually runs as smooth as silk. The phone is only available unlocked and SIM-free all the way from America until the spring, but if you're looking for an iPhone-crushing Android, we think the Nexus One is worth the hassle.

Eee PC 1005PE
The Eee PC 1005PE has a comfortable keyboard, strong build quality and looks to die for. More importantly, however, it's also one of the first netbooks to use Intel's clever new Atom N450 CPU and NM10 chipset, a more power-efficient internal architecture that promises significant improvements in battery life. In our video playback battery drain test, the 1005PE delivered on these promises. It lasted an incredible 8.4 hours, which cements its place as the ideal choice for serious road warriors, or anyone desperate for entertainment on long-haul flights. Ignore it at your peril.

Philips 9000 LED Pro
This TV is genuinely one of the best LCDs we've seen for some considerable time. The 9000 series' LED backlight makes pictures look bold, colourful and gives fantastic contrast. The three-sided Ambilight is immersive and a very worthwhile addition to the viewing experience. HD and Freeview performance alike are excellent and we were thrilled to see Philips' picture-processing technology doing such a good job. The only chinks in the armour are patchy network-media playback and the stupidly high price tag.