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CES 2018 opening keynote: Intel CEO Brian Krzanich to talk live

Intel's CEO wants to look to the future at his CES keynote, but everyone's still focused on Spectre and Meltdown.

CES keynotes can be dry affairs if the presenter isn't showing a shiny new product on stage. But Monday evening's keynote, which takes place hours before the show floor opens to all, promises to be a lively event for just that reason. 

Intel CEO Brian Krzanich has arrived in Las Vegas primarily to talk about one of the biggest themes at the annual technology conference, 5G. Shorthand for fifth-generation wireless technology, 5G is the next data network that will power our wireless devices. Sure, that will means faster data speeds for your phone, but 5G also will make the next big tech trends like driverless cars, connected homes and the internet of things possible. As a chipmaker, Intel has big plans for 5G and how it will help drive it.

That will be interesting enough, but Krzanich already has his hands full with critical security news that broke last week. On Wednesday, researchers found vulnerabilities (called Spectre and Meltdown) that could leave chips from Intel, Arm and AMD open to hacking attacks. Krzanich has already said that software updates, rather than a full recall will fix the problems, but he'll no doubt spend his keynote talking about further developments -- including slower post-patch performance and his own controversially timed stock sale

We'll bring you the news as it happens and you can watch the space above for a livestream to follow along yourself. Krzanich is scheduled to speak at 6:30 p.m. PT.

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