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Barnes & Noble Nook 10.1" is a new reading tablet (really) for $130

The tablet is available for preorder now and will come out Nov. 14.

The new Barnes & Noble Nook 10.1"
Barnes & Noble

Barnes & Noble is offering a new Nook tablet.

The bookseller said Monday the Nook 10.1" has a bigger display than any of its previous models and can be used for reading, taking photos and sending emails. The tablet -- with a 10.1-inch display -- is available for preorder now for $130 and will come out Nov. 14.


Another view of the Nook 10.1" 

Barnes & Noble

The tablet has 32GB of storage space, according to Barnes & Noble's press release, as well as front and rear cameras, a headphone jack, Bluetooth, and pogo pins that can connect the tablet to a Nook keyboard or charging dock.

Back in the early days of tablets, Barnes & Noble was a major player in the market, but revenue from Nook tablets and e-readers has reportedly fallen 85 percent since 2012. Barnes & Noble's last tablet, the $50 Nook 7, came out in 2016.

The Nook 10.1" will be going up against devices from Apple, Amazon, Microsoft and others this holiday shopping season. Amazon's 10.1-inch Fire HD tablet normally retails for $150, but will cost $100 during the retailer's Black Friday sale period starting Nov 16.