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Apple's rumored VR headset will have 8K displays and a hefty price tag, report says

A mixed-reality headset from Apple could be on its way next year, according to reports.

A mixed-reality headset could cost $3,000.

James Martin/CNET

A new report appears to shed light on Apple's long-rumored virtual reality headset. Apple is reportedly working on a mixed-reality headset with eye tracking, hand tracking and 8K displays, The Information reported Thursday.

Citing internal images from Apple of a prototype, The Information said the headset will have more than a dozen cameras and the ability to create a mixed-reality effect using its visor. It'll also reportedly have a headband with spatial audio.

The headset could run about $3,000, according to The Information. That's significantly more than stand-alone VR headsets from Oculus, Valve and others. 

This follows a JP Morgan analyst note predicting that Apple could release a VR headset in the first quarter of 2022, according to a translated report from China Times. An earlier report from Bloomberg also pegged the VR headset for next year.

Rumors of Apple launching a VR device have been floating around for a while. VR is tech that places you in a digital world, usually through a bulky set of goggles that fill your field of vision. In May, Apple purchased the VR streaming sports company NextVR. This buy was the latest signal that the company could be closer to putting out a virtual reality headset. If this happens, it could be the company's first major new product category since the Apple Watch in 2014

Apple didn't immediately respond to a request for comment.