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Apple's first VR headset will reportedly be powerful and pricey

It could also be a stepping stone to a more mainstream AR device.

Angela Lang/CNET

Apple's first virtual reality headset will reportedly sport powerful processors, a high-resolution display, a fan and a steep price tag. The VR headset will be considered a niche product and could be "far more expensive" than the $300 to $900 headsets available from rivals, according to a report Thursday from Bloomberg

Apple has long been expected to launch a VR device, tech that transports you into a digitally created world when you don bulky goggles. Last May, Apple bought the VR streaming sports company NextVR. The purchase was the latest sign the iPhone maker is closer to revealing a virtual reality headset, which would be its first major new product category since the Apple Watch in 2014.

A prototype of Apple's VR headset includes external cameras to allow for some augmented reality features, which overlay computer images on the real world, but would also be a stepping stone to separate, more mainstream AR glasses, according to Bloomberg.  

While it could hit more delays, Apple reportedly plans to launch the VR headset as soon as 2022.

Apple declined to comment.