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Apple's iPad Mini sees a big upgrade: Support for USB-C charging

The new iPad Mini gets a faster method of charging.

Apple/Screenshot by CNET

Apple on Tuesday announced a new iPad Mini, and with it comes support for USB-C charging -- a faster method of charging than the previously used Apple 12W USB power adapter.

USB-C charging is quickly becoming a standard for all sorts of devices, from tablets like the iPad Mini to gaming consoles and laptops. "The iPad Mini now has a USB-C port, so you get the same great USB-C functionality that we brought to iPad Air, which means it's up to 10 times faster than its predecessor," Katie McDonald, iPad product marketing manager, said at Apple's iPhone 13 event

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The port also allows the iPad Mini to connect to "a vast ecosystem of USB-C accessories," said McDonald.

While the iPad isn't nearly as popular as Apple's iPhone, it has become a more critical part of Apple's lineup during the coronavirus pandemic, with millions of customers upgrading their devices for work-from-home and remote learning setups. Showing that increased demand, Apple's posted dramatic growth for its tablet business, jumping nearly 40% so far this year. The PC market has experienced a similar boost, seemingly only limited by worldwide chip shortages that have slowed manufacturing of everything from video game consoles to Ford trucks.

The iPad Mini is a more mobile version of the popular tablet, and its smaller size and new access to 5G uniquely places it between a smartphone and larger tablet. iPads stand out through their thin design, optional keyboard cover and Apple Pencil, which is a favorite among digital artists. Apple's also pitched the iPad as a device for schools, designing apps for books and learning while also offering specialized discounts.