Apple reveals MacBook-friendly 5K LG display

Who needs a new 5K Mac when you can buy a new MacBook Pro and this 5K LG monitor?

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Apple worked with LG to make a 5K monitor worthy of its new MacBook Pros.

James Martin/CNET

While Apple didn't announce a fancy new 5K Mac computer at its MacBook event today, the company did briefly share the spotlight with a new LG Ultrafine 5K display.

The LG monitor has a 5K resolution, a wide range of color, four USB-C ports, and at least one built-in camera (and possibly more). It can connect to your MacBook using a single cable and, since it's USB-C, that same cable can also be used to charge it.

According to Apple exec Phil Schiller, Apple worked with LG to create a display that's the ultimate docking solution for your new MacBook Pro .

The 5K monitor can display 35 million pixels, driven by the graphics circuitry of the new 15-inch MacBook Pro, which can run two of the displays at the same time. Full specs, pricing and availability have yet to be announced. Considering both the new MacBooks and 5K monitors cost more than a few pretty pennies, we don't expect the self-described "ultrafine" LG to come cheap.

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