All the scooters and skateboards of CES

From one-wheeled skateboards to scooters that charge your smartphone, there are plenty of personal transportation devices at CES if you're tired of walking the immense show floor. Join CNET as we take them for a ride.

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Cruising on the Hovertrax. Josh Miller/CNET

LAS VEGAS -- It wasn't so long ago that the most interesting mode of transit at CES was the Las Vegas monorail. Yet, that's not the case in 2015 as a wide variety of wheeled transportation has rolled into the show. And I'm not talking about cars.

No, instead I'm referring to scooters, one-wheeled skateboards, and balancing contraptions that remind you of a Segway. Here are the devices that we saw this year.

Gogoro Smartscooter

Started by former executives from HTC, a company still known for its sharp focus on product design, Taiwan-based Gogoro unveiled its new Smartscooter even before CES began. Carved from aluminum, the Smartscooter runs on batteries that subscription-paying riders can swap out at neighborhood charging stations. It can lean at a 48.5-degree angle and you'll be able to monitor your ride via a smartphone app (naturally).

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Shaped like a skateboard but with wheels at either end, the Hovertrax is self-balancing like a Segway and you can control it by leaning. With no handlebar, though, you can ride around while eating and drinking, talking with your hands, or texting (maybe that last one is a bad idea). You just lean to make it go and stand up straight to stop. It lasts about four to five hours on a single charge, which lets you travel about 8 miles/12.8 kilometers.

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Inmotion R2

Looking more like an actual Segway, the Inmotion R2 also requires you to stand while doing the balancing for you. It rolls at 9 mph/15 kmph and is portable enough for you to carry it with you. Using the app, you can track it via geolocation and set up geofences for your kids. It's on sale in the United States for $2,499. Inmotion showed a previous version of the R2 to CES last year.

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IO Hawk

Looking very much like the Hovertrax though a bit more streamlined and with chunkier tires, the IO Hawk also is controlled by your leaning. Its top speed is 6 mph/9.6kmph, it can travel up to 12 miles/19.3 kilometers on a single charge, and it weighs 22 pounds/9.9 kilograms.

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The oddest-looking skateboard you've seen, the Onewheel has a huge tire and an electric motor that speeds up as you tilt and lean. It's the production model of the prototype that first appeared on Kickstarter a year ago. It gives you a bit of a workout, actually, as our rider Luke Westaway found. And of course, there's an app.

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An electric scooter with two 500-watt motors, you can charge the batteries through a standard wall outlet (give it about five hours for a full boost). It has a top speed of 20 mph/32.2 kmph and a range of 20 miles/32.2 km. It also has a USB port for charging your gadgets, and you can pack it up and take it on the go.

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