LAS VEGAS -- The IO Hawk is a high-tech skateboard and Segway mashup. You won't look as cool as a skateboarder riding it around, but you'll definitely look less dorky than you would riding a Segway.

The personal mobility device moves intuitively as soon as you step on it, by leaning forward or back, and it can travel at up to 6 mph. There's a mild learning curve, but it's easy and fun to ride once you get the hang of it.

The IO Hawk is a high-tech way to get around. Xiomara Blanco/CNET

Riding around is smooth, thanks to its chunky tires, but traveling on a bumpy surface can get a little dangerous. It weighs about 22 pounds and a single charge will get you 10 to 12 miles of ride time.

The IO Hawk costs $1,799 and is currently available for preorder. For more of the latest tech from CES 2015, click here.