Acer Z5600 all-in-one desktop PC: Twin-terabyte touchscreen

The Acer Z5600 is an all-in-one with all sorts of multimedia whistles and bells, including a touchscreen and 2TB hard drive. But no actual whistles or bells, obviously

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Richard Trenholm

We like the idea of touchscreens, but if they mean we have to stop eating cake while working so as not to smear our screens with chocolatey goodness, we're not fussed. We are, however, tempted by the multimedia monkey that is the touchscreen Acer Z5600 all-in-one desktop PC.

The Z5600 boasts a 24-inch display you can touch and smear your mucky fingers all over. With a Blu-ray player built-in and 1080p picture, it looks to have movies in mind.

The Z5600 is looking to the future, its touchscreen reportedly designed to make the most of Windows 7's touchable, strokable ways. As such, details are still thinner on the ground than a Britain's Next Top Model winner fainting out of some three-inch heels. We have been promised the 'latest generation' of Intel processors and MXM graphics chips, however.

Acer All in One

So watching films is sorted, but what about storing them? That's where a stonking 2TB hard disk drive comes in. And how about TV? There's a built-in tuner for watching or recording that Come Dine With Me marathon that makes Sundays seem to last a million years. If you want to make your own movies there's a webcam, and a DVD and Blu-ray burner.

The Z5600 looks set to compete with the HP TouchSmart series -- or even the Apple iMac, although that doesn't have touch. No details on pricing or availability yet, but we'll keep you posted.