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HP TouchSmart IQ810 review: HP TouchSmart IQ810

The Good Attractive to look at; wireless keyboard, mouse and remote.

The Bad Glossy screen is too reflective; average performance; hefty price.

The Bottom Line We really like all-in-one PCs, but the IQ810 is rather pointless. Touchscreen displays don't really work on screens of this size because they make your arm tired from waving all over the place. If you want an all-in-one PC there are better designed options available

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7.5 Overall

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The HP TouchSmart IQ810 is the third in HP's series of all-in-one touchscreen PCs. Like its predecessors, its major selling points are its touch-sensitive display, small footprint and strong multimedia capability. The IQ810 stands out, however, thanks to even faster components and a comparatively large 25.5-inch screen. It's available for around £1,470 from Dixons and Currys.

The IQ810 is much bigger and heavier than its predecessors. It comes in a gigantic box, which will probably require at least two burly fellows to carry. As a result, we advise you have it delivered to your home, unless you fancy a really thorough workout. Once it's delivered, you'll probably want a friend to help you get it out of the box.

Once you've extracted it from its mammoth packaging, the IQ810's design should impress you. Like the IQ770 before it, it very much resembles a standard flat-panel television. The only clues to its PC heritage are the inch-long Perspex legs on the base, the HP logo at the bottom-left corner, and the hinge at the rear, which adjusts the angle of tilt.

Overall, the design of the IQ810 is very clean. The front bezel has a single 'TouchSmart' button for launching HP's TouchSmart software, which we'll discuss later. Everything else, including the turquoise backlit power button, the slot-loading DVD drive, and the machine's various ports and card readers, is located on one of the sides, or the rear of the PC.

Whereas the IQ770 and IQ500 sported 19-inch and 22-inch screens respectively, the IQ810 is equipped with a whopping 25.5-inch panel. It could theoretically support an even larger one, however, as there are inch-thick black borders running down either side -- as if HP meant to fit a larger screen, but changed its mind at the last minute.

One thing HP didn't forget was to slather a glossy reflective coat over the display. We've seen a preposterous number of maddeningly reflective displays, but this is arguably the most mirror-like we've encountered. It makes the machine look stunning while it's switched off, but the mirror effect, which is apparent even under office lighting, is very off-putting.

The IQ810 is the most powerful TouchSmart PC yet. It uses a relatively powerful Intel Core 2 Duo T8100 running at 2.1GHz, plus an ample 4GB of RAM. Oh, and before you moan about the fact that 32-bit operating systems can't access a full 4GB of RAM, you should note the IQ810 does ship with Windows Vista Home Premium 64-bit edition, so the full 4GB is available.

But installing 64-bit Vista is a little misguided, in our opinion, particularly on a home PC. There's always the chance that older pieces of software and some 32-bit peripherals won't work properly. You'll have to check whether any devices you purchase in the future are compatible, which can become tiresome.

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