Your favorite Roadshow car videos of 2019

The five videos you couldn't stop watching on CNET's Roadshow.

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Tesla's Cybertruck unveil was a better show than anything on TV that night.

The videos you watched the most on CNET's Roadshow are a pretty good summary of the year in cars: Tesla, Supra and Mach-E. That short list encompasses electric, crossover and our enduring appetite for retro cool. Here's how they ranked.

Watch this: The most watched Roadshow videos of 2019

5. Tesla Model 3 crash tests
How can you go wrong with a video that shows brand-new Tesla Model 3s crashing their way to stellar European safety ratings? That's internet gold. The only 2019 cliches that were missing were an app to put a rabbit face on the car and an "OKBOOMR" license plate.

4. Mustang Mach-E
A huge number of you think the only thing that should come after the word "Mach" is the number "1." That got blown this year. The Ford Mustang Mach-E is a heresy machine: A Mustang-style electric crossover that goes 300 miles on a charge and has a cabin more like a Tesla than a Ford. But it nails the three themes we see across our list: Electric, crossover and retro.


Wait, that's not a 351. The Mustang Mach-E was a must-see new interpretation of Ford's most storied car, with not a drop of fuel in the thing.


3. Tesla Model S Long Range
As a virtually invisible refresh of a somewhat long-in-the-tooth car, I was surprised how much you loved this video. But the long-range Model S has a whopping 370 miles of range, a Model 3 motor driving its front wheels, a totally new suspension and software tweaks, all of which combined give it almost perfect Roadshow scores on Performance and Features. This car embodies the state of the art of EVs so far, and you noticed. 

2. 5 things about the 2020 Toyota Supra
Millions of you went from birth to drinking age in the years it took the Supra to return. The end of the drought came with a lot to chew on: Polarizing styling, BMW underpinnings and cabin tech, and the lack of a manual transmission option. But we found it to be a nuanced machine worth a deep dive, and it's the enthusiast car story of the year. 


The 2020 Toyota Supra arrived after a 21-year drought that gave us a lot to argue over.

Nick Miotke/Roadshow

1. Tesla Cybertruck
The Cybertruck came out of nowhere to take the crown as the new car unveil of the year, the kind of event we used to see in the '50s and '60s when you literally had no idea what lurked under the drape. Elon Musk then vandalized the thing on stage and capped the night with one of the few "one more thing" moments that didn't set Steve Jobs spinning in his grave. There was nothing as good as this on TV that night.