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Watch Porsche morph through seven generations of 911

The words may change every so often, but the song remains the same.

Porsche One Millionth 911

This year, Porsche built a little slice of automotive history -- the one millionth 911. The ubiquitous sports car has changed a fair bit over the past 54 years, but maybe not as much as you might think.

To help commemorate its milestone achievement, Porsche put out a new video showing how the sales numbers rose through the years. Over that time, the 911 went through seven different major iterations, and the video shows the 911 morphing through those styles with the help of some CGI.

While selling a million cars is impressive, it's more impressive how little the Porsche 911 has changed over that time. Sure, its physical footprint has grown considerably, but the general style remained pretty similar over that time. Watch the shape of the side windows as the car morphs from 911 to 964 to 993 and beyond. It barely changes!

If you're looking for a 911 to call your own, but you can't necessarily afford the six-figure price tag that comes with a modern Neunelfer, you're in luck -- some 70 percent of all 911s ever built are still road-worthy in 2017. They're not exactly cheap, per se, but there's plenty of supply to satiate all that demand.