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Watch Boston Dynamics' Spot dance with BTS as Hyundai welcomes robotics maker

Hyundai Motor now owns Boston Dynamics, so it dialed up BTS, its brand ambassador, to celebrate its latest acquisition.

Happy Tuesday, here are some robots dancing with K-pop sensation BTS. Well, there's more to it than that. Last week, Hyundai Motors officially purchased Boston Dynamics, the maker of everyone's favorite robot dog, Spot. Now that the transaction's closed, Hyundai called on its brand ambassador, BTS, to celebrate and welcome Boston Dynamics "into the family," as the company said.

There are actually two dances for you to enjoy. The first is above with the members of BTS, Spot and some other Boston Dynamics robots showing off their best moves alongside the group. The second is below and shows a handful of Spot robots dancing to a choreographed routine and BTS' Ioniq: I'm On It. The song's an exclusive ode to Hyundai's new electric subbrand, Ioniq, which now includes the Ioniq 5. It all ties together so Hyundai can juice BTS' popularity to the max alongside its own product.

But, it's fun. Enjoy the performance above and below as we wait to see what Hyundai actually plans to do with its new robotics division. Maybe Boston Dynamics will help make those walking cars a reality.