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BTS usher in Hyundai's Ioniq sub-brand with something for K-pop fans

What better way to promote your upcoming EV portfolio than with a song from one of the most popular groups in the world?

BTS, the K-pop sensation sweeping the world, has another gig. They're "brand ambassadors" for Hyundai, and promotion certainly comes with the territory for such a title. Naturally, Hyundai is cashing in on the group's tremendous popularity, hot on the heels of the group's brief appearance at Samsung's Note 20 launch and their record-smashing single Dynamite. On Monday, Hyundai and BTS debuted a new song dedicated to the Korean automaker's upcoming Ioniq sub-brand, fittingly titled Ioniq: I'm On It.

The 2 minute, 30 second song is full of the group's trademark K-pop sounds and sprinkles in a few nods to the upcoming electric vehicles. "Better focus on what's charging me," BTS sings, followed by, "Ioniq takes me there," in the chorus. It's some in-your-face product placement, but hey, that's what brand ambassadors are for. This is a group that racked up over 100 million YouTube views of Dynamite in 24 hours. Surely, Hyundai is grinning at the chance just a couple hundred of those fans start humming "Ioniq." This song already has nearly 450,000 views in just 10 hours.

For those who need more BTS in their lives, the song is only available for download via Hyundai's website. So, yeah, when you think BTS, think Hyundai. Er, Ioniq. We'll see three vehicles fill out the Ioniq sub-brand in the next four years. Everything from a sedan to a large SUV are planned.

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