Watch the Aston Martin DBX SUV rip around the Nurburgring

The more high-sided noisemakers, the better.

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Andrew Krok

We've seen it on a Welsh rally stage. We've seen it in the Swedish snow. And now, we've seen upcoming SUV on Germany's hallowed Nürburgring.

A keen-eyed spotter has captured a camouflaged Aston Martin DBX taking some laps of the Nürburgring Nordschleife. It's a common sight to see wrapped-up prototypes blasting around this historic track, as its numerous curves and elevation changes put a vehicle through all manner of hell. It's a great way to shake down a performance car before unveiling it, because if it can handle the 'Ring, it can handle just about anything.

We've been no stranger to the DBX's form since November, when Aston Martin finally gave us an idea of what to expect with its disguised utility vehicle. The front end looks like it comes right from the 's bag of tricks, so while the shape in general might be new to the British automaker, it'll still look like a member of the family. While the original concept was electric, reports now say the DBX will offer V8 and V12 engine options. It definitely sounds good on the Nürburgring, no matter what's actually under the hood. We'll know for sure when it debuts in the last quarter of 2019.

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