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Aston Martin DBX SUV teased in Swedish snow

It should be unveiled in the last quarter of 2019.

The Arctic Circle lends itself to some gorgeous photography. Almost makes you wish the car wasn't even in the shot. Almost.
Aston Martin

Last year, we got our first glimpse of the production-spec Aston Martin DBX as it underwent testing on a Welsh rally stage. Now, we've got some shots of it in the snow, and it looks pretty gnarly.

Aston Martin this week put out a few more pictures teasing its upcoming DBX SUV, the first sport-ute from Gaydon. Tackling the white stuff at the Flurheden Proving Ground, just outside the Arctic Circle in Sweden, this is the time for Aston to test the SUV's winter prowess ahead of its late-2019 reveal.

The pictures don't tell us anything new, though. We already knew from the prior set of teasers that, unlike the initial DBX concept, the production DBX will be a proper SUV and not just a lifted hatchback. It wears Aston's new design language well, despite being radically different from the Vantage, where it first debuted. The back is still pretty well ensconced in camouflage, but that makes sense -- something has to be left for the reveal, after all.

We're still light on possible specs, too. The original concept was an EV, but it's likely that the DBX will carry on Aston's current tradition of offering V8 and V12 gas engines, at least according to a 2018 Automotive News report.

We won't have to wait too much longer to get proper details on the DBX. Aston Martin intends to unveil the DBX in the last quarter of 2019. If it's destined for an auto show, that'd peg it for an LA Auto Show debut, but it's possible that Aston Martin could stage its own unique debut event at a separate location, too.