Want a Genesis X electric coupe? Company tests the waters for demand

The company's official Twitter asked people to raise their hand if they'd be interested in placing a deposit for a production car. Interesting.

Maybe this will become reality?

Genesis really wants to know if people dig the X electric coupe concept. In fact, it was willing to gauge how many individuals would place a deposit for one via social media, if it were a production car. This past Friday, the brand's official Twitter handle asked if anyone "would reserve the Genesis X with a $1,000 deposit." "Our President & CEO Mark Del Rosso wants to know," the tweet added.

If the man in charge wants to better understand the concept car's reception, it's a pretty good sign higher-ups are interested in a production version of the car. When the X concept debuted last week, the company said it was a pretty good look at the brand's upcoming design direction, but it also may serve as foreshadowing for some sort of range-topping coupe in the future. Other than that, the details are slim on what Genesis' intentions with the X are.

Genesis told Roadshow it's pleased with the car's reception and "The Genesis X Concept remains a design statement, serving as the ultimate expression of our bold Athletic Elegance design language. Genesis does not have any further details to share with regards to the Genesis X Concept at this time."

All we know is, Genesis is fully focused on electric vehicles, and the X sports some sort of zero-emissions powertrain. It didn't disclose details at the concept's reveal, though with so many intakes, the car would probably be pretty powerful. There's also the fact the design doesn't actually feel that conceptual. Tone down the wheels, toss in some production-spec lights and mirrors and this looks like a super-realistic vehicle. If enough you say you have $1,000 to toss at Genesis for one, perhaps the X will get a green light for production.