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VW I.D. Roomzz EV SUV concept promises 'completely new seat configurations'

It's capable of Level 4 geofenced autonomy, hence the interior shake-up.

It's like a curvier, electric Touareg.

Volkswagen's I.D. family of electric vehicles hasn't yet entered production, but the gang is set to add yet another new member at the Shanghai Motor Show this April.

Volkswagen announced this week that it will bring a new I.D. electric vehicle concept to the Shanghai Motor Show. The I.D. Roomzz (look, I don't make the names) is a crossover that appears to be made in the mold of the I.D. Crozz, which is also a crossover. However, judging by the teaser that places the Roomzz alongside other I.D. vehicles, it appears the Roomzz will be larger than the Crozz.

The automaker didn't offer up much information, but it did say that the concept is capable of Level 4 autonomy, which means it can drive itself without human input in specific areas and conditions. Because of the focus on autonomy, the concept will sport "completely new seat configurations," VW said in its release without specifying further. VW also said that "high-quality materials" and "customizable light" will be on offer, as well.

As with the other vehicles in the I.D. lineup, the I.D. Roomzz is built on Volkswagen's MEB modular electric platform. It's not the only electric-vehicle platform in the Volkswagen Group, but it's one of the most important, as it will (by VW's estimates) underpin millions of electric vehicles in the coming decade. It's capable of being stretched or shrunken down to accommodate a variety of vehicle sizes, from the cute little I.D. Buggy all the way up to the I.D. Buzz microbus.

It won't be long before the first batch of I.D.-branded vehicles makes it to production. Europe is slated to receive the I.D. hatchback first, which should be about the size of a Golf and priced like a well-equipped diesel variant. In the US, we're still crazy about SUVs, so we'll get the I.D. Crozz before any other. And yes, the I.D. Buzz is still slated for production in the next few years, as far as we know. 

One big, happy, electrified family.