VW won't show its new Golf in Frankfurt, will debut I.D. hatch instead

We'll have to wait a little longer than we planned to see the new Golf, but the I.D hatchback is a good consolation prize.

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Volkswagen I.D. Concept
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Volkswagen I.D. Concept

We don't get the new Golf in Frankfurt, but we get this and it might be even better.


If you were seriously looking forward to seeing newly overhauled Golf this year, then we're sorry to have to be the ones to break it to you, but VW is delaying its debut.

Why? Well, according to a report by Automotive News Europe that was published on Wednesday, it's because the folks in Wolfsburg are still struggling to sort some of the technical gremlins that have been caused by the myriad of upgrades to the new model.

Automotive News Europe says Volkswagen has denied that this is the reason for the delay, but did confirm that it was having some technical issues. In any case, the delay isn't a massive one. We had previously expected to see the car in Frankfurt this fall, though VW representatives confirmed to Roadshow that we should see it shortly after.

"We think it's better to come early next year with a full-throttle offensive. It doesn't have anything to do with production. It's a sales decision since you don't try to put cars under the Christmas tree when no one is paying attention," Jürgen Stackmann, Volkswagen's sales and marketing chief, in a statement to Automotive News Europe.

Volkswagen is now planning on showing its first production model from its all-electric I.D. line during the Frankfurt show. This model is supposed to be a competitor to Tesla's thanks to its 111 kilowatt-hour battery and over-the-air updates.

Just to get everyone superexcited about the I.D., Volkswagen also announced on Wednesday at its brand press conference that it would start taking preorders for the hatchback beginning on May 8. 

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