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Volkswagen to debut EV car-sharing service in Germany

VW could expand the program to North America in 2020.

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Jon Wong

Following its Dieselgate issues, has turned a lot of its focus toward electric vehicles, and things have been progressing well. Demand for the e-Golf is hot, a new electric Microbus is on the way and the company's claimed the record at the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb with its I.D. R electric race car. Next up on VW's electric vehicle road map is to launch a new EV car-sharing service in Germany next year.

VW e-Golf wraps new electric drive in hatchback goodness

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According to Reuters, VW plans for the new car service to end up in other big cities throughout Europe, Asia and North America after the pilot program gets off the ground on Volkswagen's home turf. The expansion could potentially begin as early as 2020 and see VW competing with other car-sharing programs like Car2Go in an attempt to cater to consumers who prefer not to own their own vehicles.

Depending on how popular and its new car-sharing program is and how quickly it expands, Volkswagen may have to think about increasing production of the e-Golf again in the not too distant future.

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