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Vin Diesel wants to see you back in theaters for Fast 9

Diesel's appeal comes as every single Fast and Furious movie prepares to head back to theaters for free screenings.

It's been a heck of a year for everyone on the planet, and as vaccinations grow and COVID-19 hopefully begins to withdraw from our lives, thousands of people can't wait to get back to the movies. To welcome you back to what should be a blockbuster film, Vin Diesel has a message to promote the latest Fast and Furious film, F9.

The appeal feels a lot like a "mission accomplished" moment as businesses reopen across the US and the coronavirus retreats from many parts of the US. That's not to say everything is back to "normal," but as Diesel says in his message, "no one does a comeback quite like the movies."

And the message comes at a time when Universal's ready to promote the crap out of F9. Leading up to the film's release in the US, which was pushed back multiple times amid the pandemic, every single Fast and Furious film is headed back to theaters. Each week until June 25, F9's opening day, the Fast and Furious films will play in select theaters across the country. Better yet, they'll be totally free showings. All you have to do is check for a participating theater at the link here, and you can relive the F&F saga one by one, each week.

F9 features the "Fast family" once again, and seems to toss in quite a few surprises, including John Cena as Dominic Toretto's (Diesel's) nemesis brother. We're also treated to a mysterious resurrection of Han (Sung Kang), and we can't wait to see how he survived what appeared to be fiery car wreck many films ago.