This scooter from Unagi can be customized exactly how you like it

Like a Nike sneaker, you can make the Unagi Model One E500's handlebar and deck any color you want.

Joseph Kaminski Senior Associate Technology Editor / Reviews
During my almost twenty years at CNET, I handled benchmark testing/methodologies for both Mac and PC systems and, sometime after, integrated testing for micro-mobility (e-bikes, electric scooters and EUCs), which is a passion of mine. Transitioning from a BMX background to this field was seamless. Despite testing numerous products, each new one brings the same excitement as my first.
Joseph Kaminski
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Micromobility -- that's scooters to you and me -- continues to be a thing at CES 2020, with Unagi unveiling its Model One E500 Dual Motor Scooter. The E500 is a step-up from last year's E450. With the same price of $990, the E500 has dual 5-inch 250-watt motors encased in 7.5-inch puncture-proof solid rubber tires. It hits a top speed of 19 mph. 

In addition to higher top speed, it also has better battery performance. This is made possible by a slightly larger battery, but the trade-off is that it's 2 pounds heavier than the previous E450. It's rated for 15.5 miles of travel, but that depends on rider size, terrain and drive mode. The scooter has three modes: Beginner, which goes 9 to 11 mph; Advanced, at 13 to 15 mph; and Professional, at 15 to 19 mph.

The E450 was one of the best all-around scooters we looked at in 2019, weighing only 24 pounds and sporting a 200-watt front and 250-watt rear motor that hit a top speed of 16 mph.

Unagi's great scooter keeps its design, adds color customization

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The E500 gives you the option to customize the scooter's color scheme, which reminded me of the NikeID sneaker customization tool. This is not just a sticker overlay or wrap, the dye is actually impregnated into the carbon fiber frame. The customization is an additional $300. You can also get a unique looking scooter without having to customize it yourself by picking from a dozen personalization swatches. 


The E500 is constructed from its single-piece aluminum deck with a carbon fiber frame and magnesium alloy handlebars. It's equipped with an electronic brake along with a rear spoiler brake. 

For better visibility at night, there's a 47-lumen LED headlight along with a blinking red LED in the rear. And for those bad weather days, no need to worry: the E500 has an IP54 rating, which means it's fine to go out in the rain. 

Having tested quite a few scooters, it sounds to me like Unagi's got all the right elements for an ultrapremium scooter. Adding personalization to the mix only widens the gap between Unagi and other brands. The scooter will be available on the show floor to test out at CES, and we hope to take a look.

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