Oops, Toyota sold too many special-edition Supras in the UK

A computer glitch is to blame, and Toyota is trying to make everyone happy.

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The only Supra with matte gray paint in the US just sold at charity auction for $2.1 million, and it had silly red mirror caps.


Toyota's UK arm just picked itself a whole bouquet of oopsie daisies.

Toyota UK accidently oversold its allotment of special-edition Supras. Of the 90 or so cars destined for Europe, the UK was set to receive 24 of them. Only trouble is, an apparent computer glitch allowed more than 24 people to put down £1,000 (about $1,300) to reserve one.

The automaker sent out an apology letter to the owners who got shafted. "As a result of this demand, we experienced a technical failure in our order system, which allowed orders to be accepted in excess of the available number of vehicles that were actually available," the letter reads. "Please accept our sincere apologies for the frustration and disappointment this will cause you." You can read the letter in full, posted last week on the SupraMKV forum.

For what it's worth, Toyota is trying to make good on giving these buyers something. Those on the bad end of the deal can have their deposit refunded and their order canceled. They could also convert their reservation to a normal Supra Pro, the highest UK trim on offer, receiving a complimentary two-year service plan and an invite to a Toyota Gazoo Motorsport event in the future.

In the UK, this special launch edition offers matte gray paint, matte black alloy wheels and a red leather interior. In the US, the Supra Launch Edition comes in one of three colors (white, black or red), with either a black or red interior, depending on the choice of exterior paint. They, too, are nearly fully loaded, but the US gets a healthy allotment of 1,500. Even though it'll cost $55,250 -- a $5,000-ish premium over the base model -- all 1,500 should sell rather quickly.

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