Toyota confirms straight-six power for Supra with new teaser

The version we'll see at Goodwood this week is just a prototype, so don't get too geeked.

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That's one monster trunk spoiler, even if it's nowhere near as imposing as the racing version's actual wing.


Toyota confirmed last week that it will debut the new Supra at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, but before that happens, it has at least one more teaser up its sleeve.

Toyota threw out a new teaser for the Supra, this time showing off its rear end. It looks almost exactly what we already saw on the Gazoo Racing concept that debuted at this year's Geneva Motor Show. There's a strong trunklid spoiler, but the racing concept's wild diffuser has been swapped out with a more subtle but still prominent one that has a way lower chance of scraping on every bump known to man.

Before you get too excited about seeing the production Supra, be aware that the production-ready version of the Supra isn't coming to Goodwood. What will be there instead is a prototype, which is one step beyond a concept but not quite the final version. That will likely end up at a major auto show, whether it's Paris in October, Los Angeles in November or any 2019 show after that.

Toyota also confirmed some important details about its next-gen Supra. The automaker stated that it will pack a straight-six gas engine and rear-wheel drive, just like previous models. The I6 will probably come from development partner BMW, however, which is using the same platform for its next-generation Z4 sports coupe.

Prototype or not, we're excited to see what Toyota has in store for Goodwood. The Festival of Speed kicks off in southern England later this week, so we don't have much longer to wait.

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